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By | September 22, 2020


Introduction of Saamna newspaper:

Saamana is a Marathi-language newspaper published in Maharashtra, India. The paper was launched on 23 January 1988 by Bal Thackeray, the founder of the Shiv Sena, a right-wing political party in Maharashtra. A Hindi version of the paper, Dopahar Ka Saamana, was launched on 23 February 1993.

History of Saamana newspaper:

Firstpost attributes the founding of Saamna to Thackeray’s dissatisfaction with the amount of press he and his party received in other news outlets. It has been described as a mouthpiece of the Shiv Sena, providing a link to Thackeray that did not exist previously. Firstpost also reports that while other newspapers allowed bias to creep into their news coverage, Saamana provided relatively unbiased news coverage of government policy and civic matters. It was only news about the Shiv Sena that was biased. According to the Hindustan TimesSaamna played a “significant role during the 1992-93 riots”, and Thackeray was “not beyond publishing lies and exaggerating the extent of the violence indulged in by the opposing groups and inciting Shiv Sainiks to do their worst.”

Bal Thackeray edited both newspapers until his death on 17 November 2012. To honor him, Thackeray’s son Uddhav Thackeraynamed him as the “founder-editor”. Currently, the chief editor of both newspapers is Uddhav Thackeray; the executive editor of the Marathi newspaper is Sanjay Raut and the resident editor of the Hindi newspaper is Anil Tiwari.

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